“The program was simply fantastic. It was clear that he spent so much time and effort preparing for the presentation; I felt amazed that I was able to listen to someone who is a world expert in this field.”

“First and most important, everyone loved your presentation and found it both informative and easy to understand. You handled the chat questions just fine. I also think having your face on the side was also great, since it made it so much more personal.  And inserting the orchid pics and videos made it come alive.  And we greatly appreciate your staying for the show table.  I think each one of us were just waiting for you to chime in after each orchid grower spoke.  Thanks for your chiming in when you thought it was appropriate. We look forward to having you again.

“Great class! Greg knows everything about orchids, it seems to me.  The cultural tips were the most important to me but he gave the reasons for doing what he suggested.  I am trying to grow some orchids that are new to me.  You  should have more classes with him describing other orchid genera and species etc.  The care of different orchids seems to  vary a lot and his cultural info would be very helpful. It was also nice to put his advice to use by potting up a few small orchids that I do not usually grow.  MORE!”

“The class “Orchids for Beginners” was worth my time and money.  Greg Griffis did an excellent job  of explaining the basics (which I needed), and then going deeper into detail.  He also took the time to answer every question, and I was pleased to see that he even made ‘house calls’ for people that brought orchids to the class from home for help.”

“Great talk, Greg! This was by far our best Zoom speaker meeting. Some members even texted me to say so. It can be tough speaking to people when you are not standing in front of them to see or hear how they are reacting. You were excellent!”

“I did have a positive learning experience from this class with Mr. Griffis . The instructor is  a real professional who provided helpful information on growing orchids with clear and organized presentations. I myself have been growing orchids for a few years, and still I found his lectures to be quite helpful and beneficial.”

“The class was wonderful. I only wish it had been longer. So much to learn. Greg was super knowledgeable.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Greg packed a lot of great information into this morning’s class. The time went quickly, but it raised my knowledge a notch or two. It was a very positive learning experience which left me wanting for more! Maybe an advanced orchid class?!”

“I thought Greg was a charismatic, engaging teacher for the class.  His love of his profession is endearing.”

“This was a great class. I made my husband come and he didn’t know what the class was until we arrived. When we got there he said three hours of orchids, are you kidding me?  He really enjoyed the class.  We went home and he couldn’t stop talking about it with the neighbors.  Greg, the instructor, was extremely knowledgeable, answered everyone’s questions and made the class great.”

“Yes I would definitely recommend this class to friends!  This was my second class taken from the same instructor!  He is a wonderful teacher!  He is incredibly knowledgeable, and he presents the information in an understandable way.  His enthusiasm is contagious!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Greg’s enthusiasm and stories was very entertaining as well as instructional. The 3 hours flew by. I would definitely recommend the class. I will consider future classes, including more orchid care classes.”