001 – Copper/Orange CTPK (male) x Royal Blue Dumbo HMPK (female)

Male is a dark body CTPK with non-spread copper iridescence and orange fins. He is short bodied and very aggressive. Fin rays could be stronger and thicker, but otherwise are well-formed.
Female is a royal blue HMPK. At the time of spawning, red had not appeared under her blue layer, although post spawning it has, revealing that she is a butterfly, which explains the marbling in the offspring. She was not listed as an HMPK, but all the offspring are short-finned, so she must be a plakat. She is a dumbo, so all offspring are heterozygous for the dumbo gene, which will hopefully be brought out in future generations. She is also a very aggressive fish, and a good match for the

May 10, 2020: Pair spawned and eggs laid.
May 11, 2020: Fry hatched.
May 13, 2020: Fry are free swimming.
June 26, 2020: Fry are moved to growout tank.
July 29, 2020: First fry are jarred out.

002 – Spawn is between a dark-body Nemo crowntail male with royal blue iridescence and a light-body marble crowntail plakat female with royal blue iridescence.

Multiple phenotypes have emerged from this spawn. It would appear the female carries the marble gene in all color layers. Most of the offspring are either dark or light-bodied, but some also exhibit marbling in the black layer. All colors of blue have appeared, as expected, and many of the offspring have heavy red pigmentation. The butterfly gene has appeared in some fish, as well as typical Cambodian red coloration. The mask gene has appeared in some fish but not others. Typically the phenotypes fall into one of four groups: black with heavy blue iridescence; dark-bodied reds with heavy blue iridescence; orange and blues, some butterflies; and galaxy koi, with some Nemo coloration appearing.

August 27, 2022: Pair spawned and eggs laid.
August 28, 2022: Fry hatched.
September 3, 2022: Fry are free swimming.
October 18, 2022: Fry are moved to growout tank.
November 20, 2022: First fry are jarred out.