001 – Copper/Orange CTPK (male) x Royal Blue Dumbo HMPK (female)

Male is a dark body CTPK with non-spread copper iridescence and orange fins. He is short bodied and very aggressive. Fin rays could be stronger and thicker, but otherwise are well-formed.
Female is a royal blue HMPK. At the time of spawning, red had not appeared under her blue layer, although post spawning it has, revealing that she is a butterfly, which explains the marbling in the offspring. She was not listed as an HMPK, but all the offspring are short-finned, so she must be a plakat. She is a dumbo, so all offspring are heterozygous for the dumbo gene, which will hopefully be brought out in future generations. She is also a very aggressive fish, and a good match for the

May 10, 2020: Pair spawned and eggs laid.
May 11, 2020: Fry hatched.
May 13, 2020: Fry are free swimming.
June 26, 2020: Fry are moved to growout tank.
July 29, 2020: First fry are jarred out.

002 –