Kingdom Schlumbergera (Christmas Cactus)

My love for Schlumbergera began about 10 years ago, when I obtained about seven different unnamed cultivars in a mixed pack of cuttings. After growing them on for 8 years, I decided to cross some of them together. When the first seedlings flowered, I was hooked! I began to learn more and more about the hybridization of Schlumbergera, and have begun to work on a real breeding collection of plants.

I believe there are still advances to be made in the genus, especially in terms of more upright plants, with more frequent and more easily initiated flowerings, and with better flower shape and size. I also think there are more colors to be developed from the group, but these developments in color will be largely unknown if a better production Schlumbergera hybrid can’t be bred first. This sums up my efforts in hybridizing, which has only just begun.

This page will share my best seedlings as they flower, especially those that will appear in my breeding program moving forward.

If you are interested in them, I am always willing and happy to share!