Orchid Talks

I currently offer seven different orchid talks. Each talk is approximately 1 hour in length (although any talk can be abbreviated to 45 minutes to suit societies with shorter meeting times).

All talks include powerpoint presentations, which are full of photographs, key text points, and diagrams for effective transmission of information. I do not currently own a digital projector and ask that your society provide one for in-person talks.

I do have other areas of knowledge, such as: the Habenaria Alliance, Paphiopedilum, culture, and so much more. If there is a topic your society has been wanting to know about, please let me know, and if it is an area I have a high level of knowledge and expertise in, I would be happy to put together a talk about it!

My current talks are:

Achieving Orchid Excellence: 

Have you every wondered how others grow their orchids so well? What is their secret? Are they just lucky? Well, maybe! But it is more likely that they’ve been equipped with some fundamental information about orchids and how they grow. Together we’ll examine what makes an orchid grow well, and look at how you can use that information to grow excellent orchids at home!

Secret Stories of the Orchid World:

The world of orchids is full of diversity, beauty, and stories that you won’t believe! Together we’ll explore orchids themselves and their mysteries while uncovering the interesting and eccentric people who find them, name them, and grow them. From orchids smuggled across borders for international acclaim to heroic deaths in the jungles of foreign continents, every orchid has a story. Some stories date from the 1800’s while others only happened in the recent past. Come on a global adventure as we explore the fantastic world of orchids!

The Terrific Terrestrials:

Most people find terrestrial orchids, especially those that go dormant, terrifying! But they are rather terrific! This talk will take a walk around the world to overview terrestrials from around the world, and we will talk about the most common and accessible terrestrials and how to grow them. We will demystify terrestrials and unlock their beautiful and fascinating possibilities. This talk is excellent for orchid growers of all levels, as it talks basic culture of these wonderful plants and offers new options for more advanced growers. 

The Wonders of Orchid Roots: 

“The life of the plant is in the new roots.” The roots of an orchid plant determine its health. We’ll talk about the structure and function of the roots, how they interact with the environment, and how to best facilitate good root culture. We also talk a great deal about watering, as watering and potting are two of the most important aspects of orchid growing. This talk is excellent for the beginner and intermediate grower alike, aimed at fine tuning our understanding of orchid culture on the whole. 

12 Orchids Everyone Should Grow: 

Orchid aren’t hard to grow, they’re just different! Together we’ll explore a dozen plants that anyone can learn to grow at home. As we talk about each plant, what makes it amazing, and its culture, we’ll also discuss general orchid culture. (As a bonus, we’ll also cover three groups of orchids that are more unusual for experienced growers). 

The Genus Tolumnia: Small Wonders of the Caribbean:

The genus Tolumnia is a fascinating group of Oncidium relatives from the Caribbean islands. They have many unique qualities and characteristics that make them interesting and easy to grow. We’ll go through the species and hybrids, and of course talk a lot about culture. Join us as we discover this wonderful little genus with a whole lot to offer both novice and advanced grower alike!

Masdevallia: Gems of the Orchid World:

Masdevallias are the Gems of the Orchid World. Often shrouded in myth and legend, these plants can be very rewarding and easy to grow. We will explore the genus Masdevallia and its floral diversity, but mainly talk about culture and how anyone can successfully cultivate a Masdevallia at home.